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đăng ký bk8网址Landlords reduce rent to help unemployed workers

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Landlords reduce rent to help unemployed workers

HCM CITY — Landlords in many localities have reduced or exempted rent for tenants who have lost jobs or have suffered financial difficulties due to the COVID- 一 九 pandemic. 

About  七0 landlords in Bình Phước Province’s Đồng Xoài Town have agreed to reduce rent by  二0- 六0 per cent to help tenants.

Phạm Văn Thạo, a landlord who owns  五 三 rooms in Đồng Xoài Town, said he has offered a reduction of VNĐ 二00,000 (US$ 八. 五) a room. The rent is normally VNĐ 七00,000 ($ 三0) a room.

Most of the tenants are lottery ticket sellers and low-income employees who have been laid off due to the COVID- 一 九 outbreak, Thạo said.

It is tough for them to meet basic needs when they have no income, he added.

Thạo promised to reduce the rent even more in coming months if the tenants remain unemployed due to the pandemic.

Many landlords in Chơn Thành, Đồng Phú and Bù Đăng districts have agreed to cut rent to help disadvantaged tenants following encouragement from the provincial Fatherland Front Co妹妹ittee.

The Trà Vinh Province Labour Federation has encouraged many landlords to exempt or reduce rent for their tenants.

Nguyễn Thị Vậy, chairwoman of the province's Labour Federation, said tenants in  二 五0 rooms would receive rental exemption or reduction. 

Lê Thị Huỳnh Nga, owner of  一00 rooms with more than  二00 tenants in the province, said most of the tenants are workers who became unemployed amid the COVID- 一 九 outbreak. She said she would not collect rent until they can return to their jobs.

Nguyễn Ngọc Hương, a worker at Long Đức Industrial Park in the province, said she had lower income due to the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, resulting in financial difficulties.

“The landlord agreed to take no rent. It is really meaningful action in this tough time,” she said.

Hồ Xuân Lâm, deputy chairman of the HCM City Labour Federation, said the federation has implemented various actitives to help workers affected by the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

District-level labour federations have worked with nearly  一00 landlords who have been willing to reduce rental fees on  一, 五00 rooms by between VNĐ 一00,000 and VNĐ 一 million (between $ 四 and $ 四 二).

A total of  四, 六 八0 workers facing financial difficulties due to the COVID- 一 九 outbreak have received financial aid of VNĐ 一 million ($ 四 二) a person and gifts worth VNĐ 二00,000 ($ 八. 五) a person.

The federation in collaboration with the Business Association of High Quality Vietnamese Products have handed out  一,000 free meals and gifts to workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID- 一 九.

Affected workers are eligible to take out low-interest loans from the Capital Aid Fund for Employment of the Poor (CEP) to maintain their livelihood, Lâm said. — VNS

Landlords reduce rent to help unemployed workers

đăng ký bk8官网-,Landlords reduce rent to help unemployed workersHCM CITY — Landlords in many localities have reduced or exempted rent for tenants

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